Production Of Your First Song

You may have a beautiful voice, a flair for lyric writing and an ambition to become a great well-known singer. The ultimate outcome of becoming famously good, comes with a lot of struggle, commitment, hard work, and time. The first step to getting into a music industry is producing your first song or album and making it into a CD, so you are equipped with a solid piece to represent yourself and your singing abilities. Making a CD is expensive therefore you have to be prepared for what it is to come your way. Given below are a few steps that you can take to producing a quality CD for yourself.Before getting into production

Before you go in to recording your first song, there are many things that have to be looked into. You have to get voice lessons to get your voice ready for the strenuous singing, arrange the timings with musicians to work on the mix of music, and you may have to go to the extent of getting yourself a graphic designer for the artwork and music house to be able to duplicate your song into several CDs.

A producer

The whole process of churning out a music CD can be daunting for a first timer, which is why getting yourself an experienced music producer is important. As opposed to you, the music producer would have spent plenty of hours in a recording studio making several music CDs for many other artists and knows the industry in and out, giving you the advantage of ending up with a song that sounds professional. The producer will have a vision about what the end product will be and how he is going to bring all aspects of music making together to make it happen for you. Since this new producer is not truly known to you, you will also have the benefit of receiving unbiased, and constructive criticism on your work, making the final outcome even better.

Where to record?

To put out a quality music CD you need to have the best equipment to work with. This is why looking for a good recording studio will make all the more difference in your work. Once you find the perfect place make sure to ask the right questions. Ask the owner about the amount of fees that needs to be paid, whether it’s an hourly rate or whether it has certain packages that give you total access from the start to the finish of the project. Ask for a demo CD of songs that have already been recorded there and make sure it fits in with type of song you will be recording. Lastly, make sure you are comfortable with the work space and the environment. Though some may prefer a big, state of the art studio, others may feel intimidated. Therefore be sure of what you want before you commit.

Your voice

The way you sing and your voice is what represents you. It is necessary to make a niche for yourself without trying to imitate or copy any other artist. It will only make the audience dislike you. Be relaxed, sound like your own true self and let people know your potential as a singer. Your confidence in yourself will attract people towards you.

Overall, for a newcomer the process of recording a new song can be daunting, but taking your time and following the above steps will bring you closer to your dream of becoming an established singer in the future years to come.