How To Hack An Elevator So That It Will Give You A Quick Ride

There are many issues of working in a big city and you might be one of those people who face them on a regular basis. You might be late regularly and getting into one and stopping on each and every floor can be too difficult for you. Some summers can be difficult especially if there is no air inside the device. Here are some ways for you to hack into the unit:


You can use the main or the master key which can be found with the building manager or the fireman. They will keep this to stop the device during an emergency or when they want to travel up and down quickly. Some people try to buy their own ones or make their own ones from a lock smith. Make sure that you think about how you can get a master key for the hydraulic lift that you are travelling in.


There are many types of elevators out there some are great to be used by pressing and holding while others work when the door is closed. If you are creative you can make it move faster than it seems. You might want to bypass many floors than one. This can be done by holding the button for more than five seconds than normal. These are seen in the brand OTIS and DESERT machines.


You must press and hold the device depending on the model of the unit. Some might help you catch a quick ride and skip all the way to top. You must not let go of the button until you do move to the top or main floor. This will help you a great deal when you are in hurry for a meeting but make sure that the hydraulic elevator is not a faulty one.


You can use your foot to prevent the door from opening on the other floors. If is a small one it will be easier for you to maneuver the device. Try to grab the corners and make sure that your foot is in the center of it. If you have any friends in the unit then you must ask them to help you in order to keep the doors closed. If the device touches the floor make sure that the door is closed and it doesn’t try to open. If the elevator touches the ground and doesn’t open then you must try to reach the next stop as quickly as you can. Remember that these factors do matter when you are trying to travel quickly in one.