Evolution Of Technology

When individuals consider the dangers about auto racing, they start with the thought of crashing. While racing may be dangerous, steps are being taken to protect drivers from crashing impacts; furthermore these steps have been proven to be very effective in protecting drivers from dangerous crashes. If you tend to question race car drivers from a number of different types of motorsports the first thing that they have anxiety about is the vehicle catching fire.
One major problem in motor racing has always been the issue of the eruption of fire during a crash. Several aspects of motor racing increase the likelihood for the eruption of a fire beginning with the car itself namely an electrical systems, hot surfaces, internal combustion engine, electrical systems and very volatile fuel, and moving onto to racing aspects such as pushing equipment to the limit to achieve the best performance out of the car. This can cause insufficient time to get out of the car when it is on fire and can cause dead or serious damage.
Dealing with such difficulties as surviving yourself physically from the situation can be traumatizing while finding a solution then and there could take longer than you anticipated even though you have a slight possibility of defusing the fire yourself by using a portable fire extinguisher. The down point of defusing fire yourself at that given moment with the portable fire extinguisher have many complications such as finding the extinguisher, unraveling it out of the bracket and removing the pin and pointing it towards the fire and terminating it.
Afterwards defusing the fire by yourself, getting out of the place, you should be immediately rush to the paramedics and check if you have any sort of problems caused by the smoke to the lungs during respiration. All that said, the probability of a driver defusing the fire himself is in rare because any human being first instinct when they face with this type of situation is to remove them from it and not waste any time using the portable fire extinguisher.
When a racer car in a racing field or in real life gets on fire, they should have an important aim of just getting out of the car. In these times of crisis, technology acknowledged the need to develop race car fire suppression systems. These have been of great use since they suppress the sparkle from becoming fire.
Although there is a huge improvement, it should be noted that, there are several technological failures. Thus, you should not promote using these costly race cars. For example, Paul Walker from fast and furious died in a car crash which was a sport car. He is accepted to be one of the best racers. Thus, it is better to be sure about race cars and technology before buying them.