Different Types Of Apartments

Depending on the services and facilities one requires, there are many choices when it comes to Dubai marina hotel apartments. One thing to keep in mind is that, the more luxury and facilities available the more expensive the apartment is going to be. And plus if the apartment is situated in the city or some famous location then it is going to be priced higher than those far away from the city. If one loves to ponder over the scenery then it is best to take the unit that is in a higher floor. The common features of an apartment would be that it is like a flat and some of them have a separate parking slot on the basement which is allocated for each unit. Some apartments might be furnished. Given below are few of the many apartments and their special features.
Luxury apartments are the best in compared to all other apartments
Luxury apartments can be divided into many categories. One of them is luxury hotel apartments which are similar to renting a house and is ideal for a short stay.
Some hotel apartments in Downtown Dubai have malls and complexes. It makes it easier for people to shop and it saves a lot of time and money. These apartments also provide their very own vehicle for the transport of their customers. They might have a spa and gym inside the apartment itself. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner are all provided and some of them have a 24 hour room service. The luxury apartments are the most expensive but for those who seek these facilities then this is the best choice.
Furnished apartments for purchasing
For those who have plans on buying an apartment in a short span of time then this is a good choice. It is because it’s already furnished so one need not hire an interior designer to design the place. Plus the cost for furnishing the place is cut down. But make sure to buy an apartment that has a good set of furniture and not an old one because some furniture that is old can be infested with pests. Business apartments that are furnished are ideal if one is planning on buying an office space. These are also known as ‘’cooperate housing’’ and it could be used for a long stay or even a short stay.
Smaller apartments for people with a low budget
Small apartments are ideal for maximum of 2 people. They are also known as micro apartments and some of them may just contain one room and a washroom. A few of these apartments act as hostels for students. They are cheap due to the limited space and facility.