Creating The Perfect Plate

Behind all the glamorous photos of decadent dishes and colourful sugary delights, a lot of work and thought goes into the minute details of setting up the scene. Each ingredient has to be positioned just right, served on the right tableware, and only the choicest of portions with regards to aesthetics must make it to the plate.

Choosing the Canvass

One of the most critical decisions a food stylist has to make is about what crockery to use. The chosen plate, bowl or platter must flatter the food elements with regards to multiple factors. The colour, shape and traditional purpose of the dishware are among many factors to be considered in order to achieve a desired effect.

The Right Mix of Colours

A lot of thought has to go into the combination of ingredients that should go on a plate, in order to achieve the most visually appealing blend of colours. The placement of items relative to each other is also affected by colour. Two sauces of a similar hue for example, would lose their individuality if used in the same area of the plate. Likewise, using a white plate to showcase equally white rice might really defeat the purpose. However placing the same rice in a black bowl might really draw focus to the food.

The Sauce Whiz

With the knowledge of how to use sauces to create artistic patterns, a food stylist Dubai can transform an ordinary plate into a visual masterpiece.

A Master’s Tools

Among a repertoire of tools that are needed are containers with sharp nozzles, tweezers of variable lengths and clean cloths. These can be used for drawing patterns with sauces, for precise placement of ingredients, and for wiping away unwanted food traces on a plate. Sometimes, items like glue and pins are also used when preparing fast-food items. Glue is sometimes used to stick sesame seeds onto burger buns. Similarly, pins are often used to prop up lettuce in order to give the burger more height.

Less is Definitely More

It is very important not too overcrowd the plate, as it will take away from the appeal of the individual elements. Usually, it is safe to stick to a portion size suitable for one serving.

Needle in the Haystack

Oftentimes, the secret behind a perfect shot is finding the perfect subject. Professionals have been known to hunt tirelessly for perfectly proportioned morsels of food to use in a photoshoot.

All these finer details are usually taken care of by dedicated specialists who excel in the art of food arrangement. They work their magic throughout a photoshoot in order to make sure that the cameras have the perfect specimens to shoot with.