Checklist For Choosing Properties Available For Rent

In a hypothetical scenario, you’ve found the real estate property that you have been searching for. So, does it imply that you could simply contact the landlord, have a meeting, discuss the contract, sign off and move in? Certainly not, as there are many more procedures involved in the entire process of choosing rental properties. Majorities of customers simply search for offers, schedule a time to see the property and within few minutes agree to the deal. This is where most individuals make a blunder. You might be wondering what are the other important areas that should be considered? Why should you review the offer again and again, before finally concluding the deal?
The question that you should be asking is ‘why not?’ Majorities of customers following this pattern don’t realize that these kinds of deals would lead to more complications or consequences. What could possibly happen, if you follow this method? Some of these include extra costs on maintenance not covered by the contract, problems in the area shifted and so on. Therefore, the aim of this article serves to highlight a checklist useful when you are to choose a property that is available for rent:
Inspection checklist
If you search through various real estate deals, you would be able to find various property for rent Dubai in different sizes, budgets, styles and so on. However, not all of these are in the best condition. You could find brand new, old, fully furnished, vacant and other types of rental properties. Therefore, once you’ve short-listed a few options, schedule a date and time to view the property. The following is a checklist for examining any property in your list;
 The area you plan to shift
 Leaks from ceilings and roofs
 Damaged or stained floorings
 Overall cleanliness of the property
 Bathroom leaks and damages
 Examine the electricity circuits and fuse board
 Inspect the pipe lines and plumbing system
 Inquire about pest control and related problems if any
 Inspect Damaged furnishings and fittings
Contract checklist
Once you’ve conducted the preliminary examination of the property, consider the sale value of the property for rent. Here’s a checklist that would be helpful regarding the sale price and contract;
 The terms and conditions of the contract (proofread by your lawyer)
 Deal – terms included for the sale value
 There could be unclear clauses of the landlord that you should inquire
 Bargain the price, without agreeing to the offer immediately (get a lawyer to provide a valuation for the property)
As mentioned above, there are many types of rental properties that are being advertised in the real estate market. Therefore, it’s important that customers be careful when they are buying these properties. For good results and landing the best deal, you should consider seeking professional help. As a fact, you could evade problems and move in to the accommodation hassle-free.