Charity Awareness And Fund Raising

If you are someone who loves to do charity work and would love to do more, there are many more things that you can do even while working a full time job. In fact, you can use your work and everything you do, even the clothes that you wear to raise awareness about an issue and to fund raise. You may find it surprising but you can do an awareness campaign without even thinking about it simply by having a small ornament or wearing a tee shirt that gives information about the project. Even in the case that your own colleagues are busy, those words will register in their minds and at some point they may find themselves googling it and reading more about the issue.
Flyers, booklets and information
One thing that would be useful is if you go to a printing services company and print out leaflets and small number booklets that you will be able to keep with you at all times. If in the case that someone does walk up to you on the road or while you are at work to ask more about your project, you may simply hand over a booklet to them. One thing you must remember is that, if someone takes the time to ask you for more information, then they are likely to care and will surely help you in your cause.
Keep information at public places
Another thing that will work well is to randomly leave information at public places. This could be anything from your local coffee shop to your printing services company. The chances are that someone somewhere will pick up the information and read it even if they do not immediately donate to your cause or charity.
Things like this remain with people and one day that piece of information that you provided will make a difference. What you do is, you are planting a seed and the next time that person is about to spend a large amount on a piece of clothing for themselves, they may think twice and decide to give that money away instead, maybe not to your charity but to someone else in the very least. One thing that would work is to provide a comparison between the amounts of money we spend every day and the amount of money they could donate. For example, human mentality makes people think that donating ten dollars to feed a child or an animal is a big sacrifice and yet, they would not think twice about spending thirty dollars on a pair of shoes.