A Catering Business: Much More Than Simply Cooking

A catering business is one of the most profitable businesses if you do it right today. If you have a passion for cooking, catering is something that you would definitely enjoy doing. However, contrary to popular opinion that catering is simply cooking and feeding people, it is much more. There is a lot of hard work, dedication and PR involved in catering. This is the difference between those caterers who make it big and those who don’t is that fact that the ones who make it does not consider catering to be simply cooking. Here is what catering is all about.
Catering is first and foremost about cooking. This is something that you should never let yourself, your employees and partners forget. This is your core strength and anything that dilutes it should be carefully considered. Keep your cooking up to date and practice your cooking skills as often as possible. If you are don’t, the rest of the catering world will definitely edge their way ahead of you.
Presenting is almost as important as cooking itself. Imagine if you cooked the tastiest risotto in the world, but simply plopped it on a plate? All your hard work in creating that risotto would be in vain. Or if you baked the tastiest wedding cake in the world but presented it in a heap on a stand? In the world of gastronomy, presentation plays a big part. Presentation is a part of experiential marketing and you should definitely pay more attention to how you present you food. There are many crash courses on presentation offered by various hotel schools and institutions. If not, there are several thousand videos on the internet which you can use to improve your presentation.
Just like presentation is a part of experiential marketing essential for catering, networking is also of equal importance. Many caterers pay little to absolutely no attention on networking. When was the last time you stepped out of your kitchen to talk to a customer? When was the last time you actually mingled at an event that you catered for? When was the last time you attended a culinary workshop and talked to your fellow caterers? If you cannot think of a definite answer for all of this, then it means that you haven’t been doing your networking right. So go on out there and speak to a few people, make some connections. You never know when you would find these things handy.
Last, but not the least, innovation is also a part of catering. Look into giving your customers a new experience every time. This is one of the biggest secrets of those who make it in the catering business.