4 Alternatives To College


Everyone thinks college is the ultimate successor to high school. However, not all are lucky enough or motivated enough to end up at the college of their dreams. Some students are not able to afford college so they quickly give up hopes of higher education. Some others fail to see the point of college, which has become very expensive over the years with very little returns. Regardless of what a student thinks of college, higher education is very important for succeeding as an adult. Many employers that pay well require a college degree or an equivalent set of skills from employees. So, if you can’t afford to or don’t want to go to college, here are some alternatives you should consider.

1. Trade School

Liberal arts colleges teach you a little of everything you need to succeed in a modern, meritocratic marketplace. On the other hand, trade training institutes in Dubai teaches students how to become an expert in a specific trade like woodworking, steel working, mechanics and such. If you already have a little experience in one of these trades, and would like to become and expert and quickly find employment in the field, then trade schools will be the best option for you. They are usually less expensive, have high employment rates, and might give you enough skills to start your own small business.

2. Intern

Some internships are arranged with universities and are geared towards college students. However, not all are. Some businesses may hire interns to test their skills, and may even sponsor a professional education later. So, instead of applying to college right after high school, you can apply to internships instead. They are a better pathway towards full-time employment and prospective careers.

3. Start Your Own Business

With or without going to training institutes, you can start your own business if you have a great idea. Obviously there have been numerous success stories of high school graduates and college dropouts becoming extremely successful businesspeople, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates being prime examples. You can too, but you will have to be careful. Prior experience in running a business acquired at an internship or similar will certainly help. Before you pour it all into a business, test your idea with a pilot group first.

4. Online Classes

If going to college makes you nauseous, consider taking online lessons from the comfort of your home. You can pretty much take college level courses offered by the best universities in the world with online performance management training in Abu Dhabi for free. The only thing that’s different between MOOCs and an actual class at college is that MOOCs don’t offer you credit. You can remedy this by taking the MOOC and then taking a standardized examination like subject GREs.

Which of the above alternatives appeal to you the most?


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