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Asking your partner to marry you may seem like a simple task at a glance. That is because all you need to do to accomplish this task is utter four words. But we all know that this can be the most stressful moment of your life. That is because not only do you want her to say ‘yes’. But you also want to ensure that it would be the perfect moment of her life. Therefore that is why many individuals tend to talk to her parents before proposing. We understand that this is an age-old tradition. Many individuals would even consider it to be a sexist practice. But there are countless women who want their parent’s blessings when they enter this union. Furthermore, it is always good to have the in-laws blessings when you marry their little girl. But we understand that talking to the parents can be more overwhelming than proposing. However, you should not consider this experience to be overwhelming. Instead, if you do your research you would be able to get through it unscathed.

Should You Ask The Parents?

Some individuals think that all they have to do is buy the diamond jewellery and select a location. But that is not all you have to do. Instead, there is one important question that you have to answer. That is whether you should ask the parents for their permission or not. As I mentioned earlier this is a traditional practice. Therefore you need to determine how your girlfriend would feel about it. For instance, if she is estranged from her parents then you obviously don’t have to talk to them. But sometimes even if she is close to them she would consider it to be a sexist move. In that case, you should ask the parents for their permission. Instead, you can merely ask them for their blessings. We understand that there is only a thin line between the two. But your girlfriend would appreciate the different approach you took.

How To Ask Them?

The next big question that you have to encounter is the way you should ask them. If they live close by then the answer is simple. You can simply go over to their house and show the gia diamond and ask them. However, you should not simply drop by. Instead, we would advise you to call them and ask them whether you can come over. Visit for more custom made jewellery to choose from.

However, if you live far away then it would not be a viable option to go over to their house. In that case, you should not despair. That is because you can then call them and ask them.

Thus, with this guide, you would be able to get through this process.

Business Services

Financial institutions are usually more liable to issues from not fully understanding the circumstances and identities of their customers than other types of businesses are. You do not find your regular grocery store inquiring into your identity or financial situation, but your bank certainly does. This is obviously because financial institutions are directly involved in substantial monetary transactions, and the risk of money laundering, theft and other issues has much higher stakes than elsewhere. The importance of understanding who your customer for financial institutions can be easily proved by the fact that most – if not all – countries worldwide legally demand financial institutions to look into the identity of their customers. KYC Hong Kong

The process of examining the profile of potential customers has been termed as ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC Hong Kong). The process of ‘knowing your customer’ usually involves first confirming the identity of the client (i.e. verifying that identity documents provided are indeed not stolen, but genuine), and then understanding the financial situation. Keep in mind that the latter step is not meant to prevent less financially-able customers from receiving services and assistance, but is often meant to identify any potential wrongdoings that the customer may be involved in, not as an instigator, but often, as a victim. As such, the process is not only meant to guard the financial institution against involving itself with wrongdoers, but it is also meant to protect victims from money scams, laundering and terrorist activities by exposing these and helping victims (who may knowingly or unknowingly be involved in these) to free themselves from it. 

In the long run, whilst ‘know your customer’ practices may be tedious and involve hours of manual work, the benefit that both the company and the customers gain from it is obvious. A transparent company that verifies the situations of the customers it is dealing with is capable of improving its credibility in the eyes of credit rating agencies (and when all financial institutions in a country follow the procedures correctly, this boosts the overall credit rating of the country itself). A favourable credit rating is a magnet for business opportunities, as customers seek reliable and trustworthy services. On the other hand, by knowing who the company is regularly dealing with, the company itself benefits from the ability to avoid potential liabilities. 

As such it is obvious that the practice of knowing your customers is able to reduce risks for both the financial institution and the customers – in fact, since the establishment of the practice as a legal compliance in many countries, it has exposed many terrorist and money laundering activities previously unnoticed. 

Business Services

Online shopping is a growing trend with more and more people shopping due to various factors. First and foremost, online shopping became popular due to its convenience. Rather than walk to a store to buy what you want, you can simply search it online and get it delivered to your house. Similarly, if you visit a store and don’t find what you’re looking for, you will have to visit another store. With online shopping, this issue is no more. Further, Online shopping also opens you up to products that are not available in your region or country.  

For online shopping sites to be successful, they use social media monitoring tools to identify what the user requires and advertises it to them. This has enabled these sites to likely sell their products to the potential customers. This is a growing trend to further enhance online shopping and sales for businesses. Some sites do this better than others. Here’s a list of the most popular online shopping sites.  banking business intelligence is a company founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. The company started as an online bookstore that sold books in bulk. This was successful as the first few weeks, the company started selling books to many other countries as well. Sales were so good that Jeff Bezos brought on more products. He initially brought on what he thought the most promising products. Thereafter, the company started adding many more products to its portfolio. Today, Amazon has a large range of products on its site and there are many international sites as well, which cater to international customers. The company also offer fast shipping that allows the product to be received in one day.  Amazon has grown to become the world’s largest retailer, even surpassing Walmart. Similarly, the company is also the largest internet company by revenue. The company is growing so fast, they may eve need banking business intelligence to handle the cash flow.  


eBay is a company founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. Rather than using a direct buy and sell model, which the site does offer, it’s specialty is the bidding process for a product. One of the first products purchased on eBay was a broken laser pointer and when Pierre Omidyar inquired the buyers as to whether he knew he was purchasing a broken laser pointer, the buyer stated he was a collector of broken lasers. eBay is one of the most successful stories of the dot com bubble. Currently the company is headquartered on San Jose, California, USA.  


Alibaba was founded by Jack Ma, a Chinese entrepreneur in 1999. Despite providing, consumer to consumer portal, it was primarily made for Chinese sellers to meet foreign buyers. Today, Alibaba is one of the top 10 most valuable companies in the world and the second Asian company to break a market cap of 500 billion USD. Being one of the largest internet companies, profits have surpassed some of the largest retailers in the world.  

Business Services

We live in an era of technology and almost everything is governed by advanced technological concepts. Electronics play a vital role in almost every industry and having a good working knowledge about electronic systems and components can be beneficial for many reasons. If you are maintaining a company or a business or if you are planning no upgrading your home systems, you will have to deal with different types and amounts of electronics and this can be quite tedious if you don’t have a proper knowledge. Thanks to internet, now you can have a good understanding about electronics even though you don’t have a technical background. You can find heaps of information that can help you understand different concepts better and your knowledge will always help you. 

If you are new to this field of electronic engineering, you might find most of those concepts or components overwhelming. In fact, most people try to grasp all those ideas at once and end up being disappointed or discouraged. Field of electronics can be amusing if you start right. If you want to have to good idea about these concepts, you need to talk to the best professionals or experts in the field. Electronic components and concepts can vary depending on different fields. For instance, a medical product manufacturer in China will have a different opinion about these handy items than a professional in construction field. It is always a matter of perspective and keep that in mind when you are looking for more information. 

Having a general understanding can be quite easy for almost anyone but that should be the base of everything. If you are completely new to electronics, understanding the basics will help you move forward. Once you have a proper understanding, you should try new things. Never be afraid to think outside the box and apply your knowledge with what you have just leant. 

An understating in these aspects can help you a lot when you are planning purchasing certain components. If you are going to meet a Bluetooth device manufacturer, for instance, you can talk to them using their own jargon and understand their responses better when you have a proper understanding or a knowledge in electronic engineering. View more here

Having a thorough and a comprehensive groundwork is the key to knowing these concepts and functions of different components. You can find heaps of textbooks and papers about different theories but most of them will be too much to absorb for a newbie. Instead, follow reliable tutorials and guide about these matters and stick to the basics till you get the hang of it. 

Business Services

Woodworms and termites are often a menace to the lumber in your home. Whether is it your furniture, your window frames, structural beams or worse your whole house itself (if it is made entirely from wood). It often feels as though they can eat through everything even things like your precious books are not safe from these tiny pests! 

Look for the sings of an infestation  

There are three signs if you have a white ant colony making your home its new nest. The first is old wings that are on the ground, because the little critters actually discard their wings after flying to the location of the new colony as they will have no use for their wings again. Meaning that these termites plan to stay long-term. The second clue are the mud tubes on the ground in the earth itself. The third clue is wood damage, if you tap on areas of wood and it sounds hollow when it is not meant to be hollow and has groves and indentations on it then there is very likely an infestation in your home. With woodworms you will see holes and tunnels in the wood. Sometimes you may never even see these signs but they (the critters) are still there. 

There is almost no stopping large colonies on your own 

The termites can spread at an astounding rate and if you want to terminate them then hire pest control to do it for you. Because if left untreated for many years your home many be impossible to repair. So do not hesitate to get some help upon the discovery of a termite colony or woodworms. If you get your home checked every once-in-a-while by a licenced inspector who can detect the presence of wood eating critters, at least then you can minimize the damage and stop it from getting worse. Check out more here

Be prepared to sacrifice some furniture 

Depending on how bad things are with the infestation you may have to give up a few beloved pieces of lumber. Because in the end it is a small price to pay for having to deal with these creatures and is better than losing your home to them. It is also ultimately better than having to toss out all of your wooden furniture for new ones so just get rid of the damaged furniture and cure your home of termites or woodworms once-and-for-all. And on the plus side you get some brand new furniture! 

Dealing with wood eating creatures can often be difficult as it leads to devastating amounts of financial loss if not removed immediately and so it is important that you call for professional help the moment you notice the infestation in your home.